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The UD Chair from TOLIX is a faithful reimagining of Jean Pauchard's original 1958 design, tailored specifically for the University of Dijon, hence the distinctive 'UD' moniker. Crafted entirely from steel, it captivates with its streamlined silhouette, showcasing a perforated backrest, tubular structure, and slender, curved tubing. While its design is rooted in mid-20th-century traditions, it effortlessly complements contemporary interiors, epitomizing a balance between history and modernity. The all-steel UD Chair is not just a testament to TOLIX's artisanal expertise, but also a tribute to Jean Pauchard's vision. It stands out as a premier choice for those aspiring to incorporate an iconic design piece into their setting.

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1958 / 2023




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2 years



Jean Pauchard, alongside his brother André, took over the leadership of TOLIX Manufacturing in 1948, following the sudden passing of their father and founder, Xavier Pauchard. Four years later, in 1952, the brothers decided to pursue different paths, leaving Jean in charge of the business. Unhesitant to draw from the family heritage while seeking innovation, Jean introduced the A56 armchair in 1956. This piece was directly inspired by his father's famous Chair A, and over half a century later, it remains one of the most iconic armchairs in the world of design. Under Jean's guidance, TOLIX diversified its product range, introducing new designs that, like the Chair A and the A56 armchair, combined functionality and aesthetics. In addition to preserving the brand's heritage, Jean Pauchard also succeeded in modernizing the company and expanding its international reach. His design sensibility and ability to anticipate changing consumer needs allowed TOLIX to establish itself as a key player in the metal design furniture sector. The brand continues to evolve, but Jean Pauchard's imprint remains indelible, just as significant as that of his father.
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    Clean your steel furniture with a slightly damp sponge and immediately dry it. Prefer warm water with a little Marseille soap or neutral pH dishwashing liquid over alcohol-based solutions. Rinse and dry immediately.
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    Do not use any detergent (such as bleach or solvent) or abrasive/metallic sponge which could deeply damage the coating.
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    For bird droppings or similar dirt, we recommend immediate cleaning to prevent corrosion and permanent staining.
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    Ensure to thoroughly wipe and dry your furniture to avoid any possibility of rust development in the future.
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Oyster white

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