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The tables from the Patio outdoor collection, designed by Pauline Deltour in 2019, present a distinct contrast to the seating elements of the range. Indeed, their solid stainless steel top and minimalist design harmoniously complement the play of perforated slats found in both chairs and benches. Special attention has been paid to the curvature of the tabletop, which adds softness and elegance. Available in various dimensions and capable of seating 4 to 12 guests, they will allow for long convivial evenings in your parks and gardens.

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Can accomodate up to 4 guests



Pauline Deltour was born in 1983 in Landerneau, France. After studying object design at the Arts Décoratifs in Paris, she honed her skills working with the German designer Konstantin Grcic before establishing her own studio in Paris in 2010. Her immediate allure captivates clients in France and internationally, leading to a diverse range of projects, from individual objects to interior architecture. In its 10 years of existence, her studio has collaborated with 40 clients, creating around fifty collections and producing 180 objects. Pauline Deltour is often cited among the major figures in contemporary French design. Her untimely death in September 2021 has sparked numerous reactions, describing her as a 'shooting star of design.' Since then, her studio continues to breathe life into certain projects, celebrating her talent, and perpetuating her legacy, as seen here, with the extension of the Patio collection, which deserved to be brought back into the spotlight.
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    Ensure to thoroughly wipe and dry your furniture to avoid any possibility of rust development in the future.
Patio Table - Oyster White / 75 x 75

Oyster White

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Sizes :75 x 75
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