T37 Monastic table

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Emerging from the renowned T37 collection, whose chairs once graced Parisian gardens during the 24th Universal Exposition, the monastic T37 table is among the latest models crafted by the TOLIX studio in 2023. Bridging history with modernity, this steel table resonates the artisanal expertise of the TOLIX workshops, evident in the hand-rolled finish of the tabletop. Its sturdy design, suited both for indoor and outdoor settings, stands as a testament to versatility and endurance. The robust appearance of its legs, with a diameter of 35 mm, balances the narrowness and great length of its top, giving it the appearance of an abbey or draper's table. With the capacity to host up to ten guests, it mirrors functional elegance, befitting the T37 collection's esteemed reputation. Its striking silhouette evokes the timeless imprint and strong identity of its lineage, while confidently situating itself in the present. A table destined, undoubtedly, to age with unparalleled grace.

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2 years


Can accomodate up to 10 guests



To honor the legacy left by its predecessors and to preserve the DNA of the TOLIX manufacturing company, the management, as part of reissues, wanted to leverage the talents within the company. Therefore, the creations designed by the Studio TOLIX, are the result of a collaborative effort that combines the memories and skills of the older craftsmen, the hands of the prototypists, and the technical expertise of the manufacturing company's engineering department. To this, the discerning eye of consultants from the publishing and fashion industry adds a certainty to the elegance and delight of the models thus created. The creations of the Studio TOLIX aim to pay tribute to the past, to bridge the gap between eras, and to be a testament to the perseverance of authentic craftsmanship in an increasingly automated world.
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    Clean your steel furniture with a slightly damp sponge and immediately dry it. Prefer warm water with a little Marseille soap or neutral pH dishwashing liquid over alcohol-based solutions. Rinse and dry immediately.
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    Do not use any detergent (such as bleach or solvent) or abrasive/metallic sponge which could deeply damage the coating.
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    For bird droppings or similar dirt, we recommend immediate cleaning to prevent corrosion and permanent staining.
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    Ensure to thoroughly wipe and dry your furniture to avoid any possibility of rust development in the future.
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