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Designed by Xavier Pauchard in the 1930s for industrial and public or private institutions, the drawer unit from TOLIX has spanned through different eras and styles to become a classic embedded in collective memory. Timeless and iconic, it seamlessly fits into both private spheres as a decorative or home office furniture and professional environments. Thanks to its lightweight and robust design, it proves to be an asset in shared workspaces while elegantly furnishing more private offices. Embodying the modern style of the 1930s-50s and highly functional, it comes equipped with 3, 5, 7, or 10 flip-door compartments depending on the model. Each door opens 180° and closes magnetically. The CC3 model with 3 compartments is delivered with removable wheels.

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Xavier Pauchard, born in 1880 in Burgundy, embodies creative genius and a deep passion for metal. As the son of a roofer-tinsmith and the grandson of a coppersmith, he was destined to work with this material. In 1927, this visionary Burgundian founded the 'TOLIX' manufacturing company and introduced a revolution in France: hot-dip galvanization, a process that ensures the durability of metal and prevents rust by bathing it in molten zinc. Under his leadership, the iconic Chair A was born, a symbol of craftsmanship and industrial design. This chair, made from a single folded sheet of metal, was quickly embraced by French cafes and institutions, bearing witness to TOLIX's innovation and craftsmanship. But Pauchard didn't stop there. His company produced a diverse range of furniture that was both elegant, functional, and robust, each bearing the mark of his boldness and ingenuity. Through his creations, Xavier Pauchard not only shaped the history of French industrial design but also left an indelible legacy for future generations. His influence endures, and his genius lives on through every piece from the TOLIX Manufacturing.
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    Clean your steel furniture with a slightly damp sponge and immediately dry it. Prefer warm water with a little Marseille soap or neutral pH dishwashing liquid over alcohol-based solutions. Rinse and dry immediately.
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    Do not use any detergent (such as bleach or solvent) or abrasive/metallic sponge which could deeply damage the coating.
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    For bird droppings or similar dirt, we recommend immediate cleaning to prevent corrosion and permanent staining.
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    Ensure to thoroughly wipe and dry your furniture to avoid any possibility of rust development in the future.
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