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Talking about colors

Eléments de la colonne

At TOLIX, we speak the language of color, which is also the language of emotion: restrained, enthusiastic, poetic… With a color chart that includes 30 colors, we have given serious thought to all aspects of color so that it corresponds to today’s interests. The idea is that everyone is free to play with our palette, and that by the power of color alone TOLIX integrates happily into all types of ambience! Chic, romantic, loft… To each his own inspiration!

This palette of contemporary basics can be used everywhere without ever going out of style. In the Essentials color chart, each color is available in the 3 different finishes: Mat, Brillant and Mat Fine Texture (MFT), making it possible to mix and match in any number of different ways. For example, you could pair mat seats with a glossy table in the same color.

Each of the 3 finishes, Mat, Brillant and Mat Fine Texture (MFT), has its own personality and feel. MFT’s fine grain is both visually attractive and pleasant to touch.

Each of the 3 varnishes accentuates metal’s brut appearance to a greater or lesser degree. Brillant plays continuously with light’s reflections on steel. Satiné covers the metal in a velvety mat finish and the gray tint in Gris Lasure deepens metal’s natural color. The varnishes gives seats an alluring industrial look that suits a wide variety of environments.

Eléments de la colonne

Eclectic and dynamic, imaginative and full of energy, gentle and nuanced, these colors capture current decoration tastes. In the Trends color chart, each color is available in only one finish, specially selected for it. Conceived to work effortlessly together, multiple combinations of the 20 colors are possible by playing with contrasts and finishes.

It’s up to you to put color everywhere in your house and garden without worrying about tomorrow. TOLIX uses only epoxy paint that completely resists the passage of time, even for furniture that is used outside.

„In these objects there is a soul - in the decoration there is a story. The furniture highlights souvenirs from travels and good moments!“

And of course, when we talk about color at TOLIX, blue, white and red are naturally the most important of all! Handmade for close to a century in the middle of Burgundy, France, in Autun, TOLIX collections stand for the colors of a unique skill: the color of passion, creativity, perfectionism. Timeless, these are colors that will never fall out of fashion!”


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