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Renewing the classics

Eléments de la colonne

When Chantal Andriot joined Tolix in 2004, she decided to breathe new life into the brand. Working with different designers was obvious, but she also decided to extend for as long as possible the rich heritage left by Xavier Pauchard. She decided to offer a large part of the catalogue in perforated metal. Success was immediate.


Iconic chairs such as the A Chair also received attention. The Chair becomes like lace, prettily showing its simple and ingenious build. The “X” under the seat is fully revealed.





Wood’s natural detail blends in perfectly with the perforated metal, and are an option as handles on the perforated lockers. They are the irresistible final touch.

All H Stools

are available

in a perforated version.

Eléments de la colonne



« Chantal Andriot »

With perforated metal, the furniture becomes subtle, almost poetic. The Lockers and Flap Cabinets, very “industrial” up until now, take on a lighter appearance and blend in discreetly with all decorative styles.

“Rejuvenating the classic pieces with perforated metal gives them fresh life and versatility. They fit into any kind of interior.”

New pieces of furniture are being added to the perforated family, in particular the T37 Stool and mini B1H45 and B1H64 Lockers.

Light and transparency play delicately through the perforations. Objects stored behind the doors are demurely hinted at.



A flash rainstorm followed by the return of sun beams? The perforated T37 chair in stainless steel resists all weather!


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