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Kilian Schindler

176 €
Price is only valid in France

Nails pegs are made of four pegs in different sizes and colors for hanging up all kinds of clothing and accessories. Made using noble steel and wood materials (beech for the wall mount), Nail Pegs can be used on a wall individually or several at once to create a harmonious composition.


Weight (kg)


Price (€)

161,00 €


2 years


Steel and wood

CLOUS are made up of 4 different pegs:
Ø76 - H. 73 mm
Ø90 - H. 80 mm
Ø100 - H. 85 mm
Ø120 - H. 105 mm
3 sets color versions available:
Dark set: 4 Graphite pegs
Sea set: Sable / Vert Canard / Vert Lichen / Ivoire MFT
Earth set: Terracotta / Rose Poudré / Sable / Rouille Fauve


Designer du produit

Designed by
Kilian Schindler


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