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Eléments de la colonne

TOLIX - It is a mythical name, a symbol of the French way of life and the unique know-how that reminds us that crafts are another form of art.

TOLIX's creations are on display at the MoMa in New York, the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, and they regularly appear on the pages of decorating magazines around the world. Yet the destiny of TOLIX started a long way from the museums and galleries

Xavier Pauchard, inventeur de la vrai chaise de bar et bistrot Tolix


Founded in Burgundy in 1908 by Xavier Pauchard, who was nicknamed ""Mr. X"", as a manufacturer of galvanized sheet metal household items, the company was acclaimed for its collection of utilitarian furniture for collective and professional use.

Chaise A Tolix authentique en acier, made in France

Success soon brings international visibility. In 1935, the Chaise A and Fauteuil D board the liner, Normandie on its inaugural voyage to Manhattan. In 1937, TOLIX chairs were chosen for the Paris Universal Exhibition. The brand has been a part of French collective heritage for over a century.

Lit et armoire authentiques Tolix en acier

The concept did not exist, yet from the beginning, TOLIX has understood the infatuation with metal furniture as an icon of modernity since the 30s. Practical, hygienic and durable, TOLIX furniture has been used by local authorities, the army, hospitals, schools, factories, offices...

50s, post-war euphoria ushers in the heyday of café terraces, public gardens and walks in spa towns and seaside resorts. TOLIX chairs and tables join the party, their style always attracts attention and they are always appreciated for their practical sense and their strength.

Eléments de la colonne




Chantal Andriot dirigeante de Tolix Steel Design


An accountant by training, Chantal Andriot joined TOLIX in 1974 as Chief Financial Officer.

In 2004, the company was facing financial difficulties. Aware that huge potential exists, it is unthinkable for Chantal Andriot to let this beautiful factory sink seeing as it is synonymous with authenticity and French know-how.

Vraie chaise A Tolix en acier design fabriquée en France

By love, she then embarked on a major adventure and took on TOLIX’s orders with just twenty employees. Chantal Andriot modernizes the production system and gives the brand a second chance, relying on a pair of new designers. The collection is completely revitalised while retaining the spirit of past successes, including the famous Chaise A. New products are added to the catalogue: trestles, storage units, coffee tables... A new impetus is born, the brand expresses itself in new ways and is strengthened by a multitude of new colours.

Tolix Autun entreprise du patrimoine vivant

„TOLIX, a cult
French design brand“

TOLIX as awarded the ""Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label in 2006. This mark of recognition awarded by the State rewards the company for its craftsmanship and industrial excellence.

Today, designers from around the world are adding their inspiration to the TOLIX collections and continuing the story of creativity, enriching the legacy of this style icon.


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