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Patrick Norguet, Tolix

Patrick Norguet

Patrick Norguet learnt the art of design at ESDI (Industrial Design College), but has never lost the rudiments of a burgeoning career in mechanical engineering. The intelligence of Man through techniques fascinates him. Thus, the industrial designer was affected by the fate of this company that continues at all costs to produce French.

Two years of research and development, culminated in record time in turning the T14 chair, and its associated pedestal table, project into reality. The brand’s fundamental precepts are respected: simplicity, functionality, comfort, quality and robustness. His diagnosis, after a fair examination of current constraints, is sound : « The design and aesthetics of this new chair, legatee of the Model A, should respond to the challenge of optimising the new production tool ». Indeed, he goes back to basics and reasons in terms of shell. He thus resolves this delicate equation with four pieces and delivers a streamlined and refined chair that can acclimatise easily outdoors through the choice of stainless steel. The major new feature is the introduction of materials such as technical plastic for the connecting parts and solid wood for some bases.


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