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Chantal Andriot, Tolix

Chantal Andriot

Together with her father, Chantal Andriot painted the roses that promenaded around their garden. She developed a passion for painting, and regularly won contests. Soon, she began working in jobs that required color knowledge, and studied color at the “Conservatoire des Ocres” (Ochre Conservatory) in the south of France. In 2004, when she joined Tolix, Chantal decided to make the entire catalogue available in a variety of subtle, gentle and deep shades. She breathed new life into iconic pieces by using perforated sheet metal – a new version of Tolix furniture became available! She also added a touch of wood, with locker handles and table legs in oak. Is Chantal Andriot a designer? No, and she doesn’t pretend to be one. She is simply passionate about the brand and chooses for her projects talented designers and artists such as Frédéric Gaunet, Kilian Schindler, Normal Studio, Patrick Norguet, Sebastien Bergne, Pauline Deltour and many more as yet unnamed...


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